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Ships in 2weeks Our new addition to the Goldewater Family, Pure Moss, is made with 500mg 100% organic oceanic "Chondrus Crispus" seamoss, made with 100% Vegan Capsules.

Our wildcrafted sea moss is from the purest source, directly from the oceans of Mother Earth.

With the meteoric rise of sea moss as a dietary supplement, there has been a rush to catch the wave, but people are overstepping a vital component.

Not all sea moss is created equal. Chondrus Crispus is the most consistent strand of the algae available from the frigid northern Atlantic Ocean waters.
Scientifically shown to mitigate inflammation and other ailments, sea moss, is heralded for its ability to help with weight loss, thyroid issues, skin issues, gut health, immune health, regenerative cell/skin growth, cancer treatment, muscle, and energy recovery, as well as helping to support fertility. It contains a wide range of bioavailable trace minerals, making it ideal for proper integration into the body and nutritional deficiencies.

Our product is the PUREST form of sea moss on the market, Chondrus Crispus, powdered and encapsulated, which makes it bioavailable to the body's digestive systems.

Take two capsules with the first meal of the day.

Do not exceed recommended dose.

Please consult a physician if you believe seamoss will interfere with any prescribed medication and dosages. We also recommend consulting a physician if you have any serious medical ailments before taking our seamoss products.

If you have any allergies to sea moss, we recommend consulting a physician before use.


60 capsules per bottle 

Take all of our products at your own risk. 

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