Return Policy and Product Disclaimer

All Sales are Final.

If you are unsure that our products will work for you, consider purchasing a single item to ensure the products are to your liking and might perform to your satisfaction before placing larger quantity orders. 

We ask that you thoroughly check that the mailing address used is correct before and after purchasing. We are unable to  correct shipping address and cannot refund if lost during transit or mark delivered. We are unable issue returns on our products or replace orders issued a return due to an undeliverable address. provided by the customer.

We are unable to issue returns due to our products being perishable and liquids. Once the box has been opened and handled by the customer it is no longer sterile, or safe for use.

FOR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS, PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE choose international shipping during checkout, if you place an international order, please note, it is at your own risk. We are unable to issue refunds or replacements if your order is extremely delayed or lost in transit. Please pay for the correct international shipping costs.

All Sales are final no cancellations or refunds.


Health Disclaimer:

In purchasing our products, you acknowledge that consumed products are taken at your own risk. We advise all customers to consult with a physician before using our products. We do not claim that any one of our products will address any specific health concerns or medical ailments. We do not provide health advice.

If taking any prescribed medication, please determine if our product ingredients will in any way conflict with those medications. We advise reading and confirming all product ingredients before use, as some of our products may contain CBD, nootropics, fungi, and lion's mane mushroom. If you have allergies to these products, we advise you not to purchase or consult your physician before use. 

Please take all recommended dosages. 

We are not responsible for any allergic, medical ailments, or adverse reactions associated with taking our products. We do not issue refunds related to allergic or adverse reactions due to taking our products.