Return Policy and Product Disclaimer

If you are not sure that our products will work for you, you have 24 hours to cancel your order. Please thoroughly check for the correct mailing address before and after purchasing. We cannot re-sale shipped items due to many hazards and reasons like replacing old bottles with new ones etc. Please try a single bottle to be sure the product performs to your satisfaction before placing quantity orders. 

Once a Item is purchased and has been in processing for over 48 hours we will not cancel your order, or issue a refund . Allow up to 20 business day processing time. 

The unconditional refund policy does not apply to quantity bottle orders, combo packs. All Quantity / Combo Pack orders are final.



Health Disclaimer:

All of our product's are take at your own risk. We advise all customer's to consult with a physician or your doctor before use of our product's or for any health concern's or medical ailment's. If you are taking any prescribed medications before use  of our product's, we advise reading and confirming all ingredients in our products for all or some of our product's contain CBD, nootropics fungi and lions mane mushroom. If you have allergies to these products we advise that you do not purchase or consult your physician before use. Please take all recommended dosages, we are not responsible for any allergic, medical ailments or negative reactions associated with taking our product's. We do not issue refunds associated with allergic or negative reactions due to taking our product's.