Healthy and Organic "Smart Pill" l Gold(e)Water Corp

Healthy and Organic "Smart Pill" l Gold(e)Water Corp

“Our Goal is to make Black People Healthier and Smarter.” -- Gold(e)Water Corp.

In order for any of us to have true optimal health we have to base our health choices on the most near perfect, functional and effective decisions. These decisions need to be complementary to the whole nature of our being! They should nourish and cater to the totality of the human experience, which can be summarized as the mind, body and soul.


The ultimate goal with any health journey should be unlocking the various ways we can increase the longevity of our total human experience. The most advisable start point for any health journey is  a dietary change. Adopting a clean diet can help us bring forth/safeguard the righteous being we are meant to exist as.


Most people would then wonder, why are supplements needed if food provides nourishment?

The answer is simple; most of us do not get the full spectrum of nutrients and even after adopting the healthiest dietary habits we can still be nutrient deficient in some areas. When this happens it is important to bridge the nutritional gap and supplements are a highly effective way to enhance our nutrient density and support our body alongside our dietary choices.



“A new Nootropic that has no registered side effects and can restore the human body on multiple levels.” -- Gold(e)Water Corp. 


Within our various black communities we are often uninformed and at times misinformed regarding best practices for achieving optimal health. Thus, in order to create the best possible product, young black entrepreneurs 19Keys and business partner Bluepill, began looking at how to properly complement the mind, body and soul so as to really help us achieve our most optimal state.


With his main desire rooted in wanting to make people healthier and smarter he and his team at Gold(e)Water Corp. have brought to the market a 3-in-1 Nootropic – Smart Moss. Having realized that Nootropics are  great supplements, that can help us in our black communities by way of enhancing memory and many other cognitive functions, they have provided us with 30 Nootropic pills that can be consumed to target the total human experience. Smart Moss is a great choice especially for those  on the journey of self-mastery.


It is important though for  anyone on this journey to know that not all Nootropics are made the same! In order for something to be considered a top tier Nootropic, studies have shown that it needs to consistently work and keep the consumer safe, acting in a non-toxic manner. To cater to this 19Keys and Bluepill created a beautiful natural Nootropic stack that avoids the false stimulatory agents that can sometimes be laced in Synthetic Nootropics. Smart Moss is the perfect supplement that can work in conjunction with our healthy lifestyle habits to make us high performance/ high achieving individuals.


So the question then becomes, how does this particular Nootropic complement not only the mind but also the body and soul?


The best way to assess this is to look at the 3 primary components included in this Smart Moss product.


LIONSMANE – This mushroom has been shown to be able to aid in the following areas:

  • Protect against dementia
  • Protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Aid in improving memory
  • Reduce symptoms of depression
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Increase focus


“The leading cause of death in our black communities is heart disease,  studies have shown that Lionsmane decreases the risk of heart disease, by improving fat metabolism and lowers triglyceride levels. It is also proven to contain a compound that decreases the rate of blood clotting, which reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. Diabetes, cancer and immune system deficiencies can also be combatted by the medicinal benefits of lions mane mushroom.”

– Gold(e)Water Corp. 



CBD – This is a non-psychoactive oil that is medically recognised as being able to cure many common ailments. It has many pain relieving properties and some of its  benefits can be found in the following:

  • Reducing pain (including chronic pain in some instances)
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Reducing acne issues
  • Providing neuroprotective properties etc.

In some instances of study, it has been observed that CBD can help/reduce cancer related symptoms/side effects, but formal treatments and professional advice should still be sought out.   



SEASMOSS – This is an aquatic plant that helps give the immune system a boost and  it is especially known to prevent and relieve cold/flu symptoms.

In addition to this, it has the following benefits as well:

  • It can influence the metabolic rate
  • It aids in suppressing the appetite and digestive system
  • It can help relieve muscle soreness and nourish the skin
  • It can improve the libido

Clearly this trifecta that Smart Moss captured creates a nice synergy that can stimulate mental focus, aid in memory retention and supports the immune system.

What more could we possibly want?

But wait, there is more! Please check out for further product information.

We encourage doing your own research so you are secure in your knowledge!

Article written by: OKM

Writer for the Props Project

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